July 31st, 2020

I sit on the edge of the mountain side and finally exhale..

Instantly my mind is drowning with thoughts of you. It gets harder for me to breathe.

You said my light dims slowly with every second of the day.

I not for one second doubted you, I can feel it diminishing as I inhale my next breath of air.

To sit here alone makes me wonder if I’ll always be alone.

Emerged into your cold waves turns my lips blue. Your heart is so cold.

Hear me cry and scream and you continue to keep pushing me, I’m no longer under your spell..

My love pours out onto the hard ground I am left with nothing. I’m unsure of what to say.

Tell me why I feel you every day, I tell you but you don’t care.

You’ve casted the last rock at me, my body becomes stone.

You loved me for my energy. Now everyone else can buy your lies. But here, they no longer can be sold.

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