Jan 28th, 2021

Laying cold on the cement ground, I awoke and there you were to save me… I don’t remember much of minutes before.

I do remember patiently waiting on you to return with chocolate milk and cookies you were baking. You mentioned the chocolate milk had to be home made.

I was so scared in that ER when I was waiting to get six stitches.. Your sister sure knows how to lace a person up. I’m so thankful she was working the night my incident occurred. She ran no blood work, no asking too many questions… My bill won’t be much. Was curious on what made me faint ya know? Why has no doctor done this before?

I beg for your love and you tell me you care.. You shower me with substances, food, money, you take me places. You’re so fake.

Why did you give me false hope? You insisted after I resisted and now we are in a position.

How can you treat someone you love so badly… Like some thing that you have extreme hate for and no tolerance what so ever of their existence..

I wasn’t any where close to being the woman I needed to be and I screamed it loudly. You didn’t care then, but suddenly you care now. I’m just sitting here wishing you’d see the bigger vision.

You think I am unaware of the unseen. But just between you and I, I know and see more than you or half the other people on this planet. You must not understand that I am resilient.

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