Active Addiction

March 31st, 2021 – The Decision Day

I could go on and on about what active addiction is, but that would be exhausting. I’ll put it in a short and not so sweet way.

Active addiction is pretty much like suicide. It can be a very slow process, for some it can be almost instant. Just sitting here typing this makes my stomach turn. The disease is something that can’t be cured.

How ever, there is something an addict must remember that is very important. ADDICTION IS TREATABLE BUT IT WILL ALWAYS BE A DISEASE YOU WILL HAVE..

I am someone who knows this from personal experience. But, one day at a time right?

If you’re interested on what kind of treatment it takes, stick around and I’ll share my message and story with you.

Remember, if you’re an addict you don’t always have to be in your active addiction. We do recover as long as we take the proper steps and procedures to remain clean.

It’s been along day though, so I’ll wrap this up.

I love you all and I appreciate all the healthy support I do have.


Amber Lee

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