Detox Days.

March 31st – April 3rd

If you’re unfamiliar with the detox process, let me just tell you this now… It was the absolute worst part of treatment.

So, I go in with only a suitcase of maybe 4 pairs of clothes. We couldn’t bring any food in, and I didn’t bring any Dr. Pepper. I had maybe three packs of cigarettes. Some make up, and that was it.

When you check in they search all your belongings, they search the person. They didn’t really throughly search me like I thought they did in places like this. Needless to say, no bending over and coughing. Haha. With that being said at one point in time, there was a client who had brought in an 8ball of meth in her bra lining. She ended up leaving shortly after, I’ll get to that though later on..

I had never felt so scared, vulnerable, and not knowing what was going to happen next. Three days in one small room alone. If you go into treatment and have used within the 24 hours prior to, you must stay in detox.

I got to come out to make one phone call. All meals were brought to me. Someone came and woke me up a million times to do vitals. And, I had no one to talk to. If you all know me, I’m a very talkative person. I was miserable.

Alot of sleeping, crying, and anger happened in those three days. Mind you, the COVID mask restrictions were still in place. So, at all times when others were present I had to wear a mask. Oh my poor face was so broken out.

April 2, 2021 was a rough day in detox. This day in 2018 changed my life completely. My granny passed on this day. The love of my life, who’s birthday is on this day had gave up on me the same day of her passing. Alot of sad memories and emotions. Emotions I could no longer numb. I thought about them both alot this day. 

All the employees were super nice when I was in Detox. I did appreciate that.

April 3rd was finally here. I was well rested and I was ready to start mingling with people. I wanted to be a part of the real world (out of detox) and feel human again. Saturday was a good day. I got to experience the cafeteria, our daily class schedule, lunch, and most of all other people in recovery.

Some ladies said, while they were also in detox they heard my loud ass being so happy and motivated that they couldn’t wait to get out of Detox as well. That made me feel really good.

However, I was not aware that those three days did not count when it came to my 28 day treatment. So, April 3rd my 28 days began.

I love you all.


Amber Lee

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